Sexavet Amirkhan Mammedov was born on the 23d of October 1953 in Abdal –Guliabli, Agdam region.

Boundless love to mugham

Since early childhood boundless love to mugham brought him to this kind of art. Since his young years Sexavet Mammedov was fond of music, his soul was always singing.

Mugham dates back from IV century B.C. Sexavet had his own road in this kind of art. Despite the fact that 20 years has already passed since Sexavet Mammedov's death, admirers of music discover genuine mugham over and over again by mean of Sexavet's voice. Sexavet Mammedov is not with us anymore but his unique voice keeps on sounding in our hearts.

Professional singing career

In 1971 Sexavet Mammedov was enrolled to Asaf Zeinalla music school, he was a student of Gadzhibaba Guseinov – peoples artist of Azerbaijan. In 1976 he became a soloist of Khumayun folk and instrumental band.

From 1983 till 1988 he continued his education in Azerbaijan State Institute of Arts. One year later he created Karabakh instrumental band. Unique voice timbre and inspiring performing talent of Sexavet won him love of listeners, fame, glory and success in many countries of the world.

Tragic death of Azerbaijan's golden voice

September 30, 1991 Sexavet Mammedov's life came to a tragic end in a car accident in unclear circumstances. But outstanding singer who had hardly lived 38 years left very rich heritage which became very bright page in music culture history.

Sexavet Mammedov was a great son of his people and a big patriot of Azerbaidjan.

Patriotism of Sexavet who supported his country in difficult times of Armenian attack on Karabakh is not forgotten by his compatriots. That's why it is deeply sad to acknowledge that the grave of a singer is situated on the land occupied by Armenians.

Art of a Great Singer Keeps on Living Even Today

Karabakh band created by Sexavet is headed by his younger brother – meritorious artist of Azerbaijan, khananda Feiruz Sexavet.

Sexavet Mammedov's rich heritage was collected from all over the world by Burzu Aliyev, our compatriot living in Ukraine. After long restoration has been completed, the first CD collection named «Azad bir quşdum» (Free bird) was issued on Kiev recording studio in 2003. The following two collections «SӘXAVӘTli MUĞAMLAR» (Generous mughams) and «SӘXAVӘTli MAHNI ve TӘSNіFLӘR» (Generous folk songs and tunes) were issued in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Today the work on oeuvre restoration and issuing of three more collections is held. In 2003 and 2008 in Baku Sexavet Mammedov commemoration evenings were organized. In 2003 singer's 50 anniversary was celebrated in Azerbaijan Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, in 2008, 55th anniversary was celebrated in Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall.

To commemorate 60th anniversary of khananda in 2013, videos and books about great singer are prepared to be issued.