Everybody knows me as khananda.1. In reality…. I don't sing. I speak. The birds' language. You cannot gossip, lie, sow discord, destroy someone's life using this language. This is the birds' language… it is good that this language is known not only by prophet Suleiman. This language is known by earth rolling beneath my feet as a sea; it is known by sky where I fly on the wings of a song. It seems that I apprehended this language a bit too. When I learn it quite well I will manage without words as birds do. The birds can confess even without words. I am longing for it too.

According to ancient legend the man comes to this world with his own purpose. Everyone has his own mission. I envy those who fulfills it during his mortal life with honor and dignity. Did I have time to fulfill my mission? Would those people who visit this world after me envy?

The world is poisoned with lies, evil, chaos. The world is suffocating. But is it not so awful... even if world's legs and tongue grow dumb and its eyes go blind it won't be the worst that can happened. The most important that ears could hear. It is enough only one bird's singing to purify the air and make the world see and talk again, when time comes the man leaves the Earth and bird leaves the sky. I can live without sky but I cannot leave the land where I was born. I can refuse from my life but I cannot refuse from Karabakh.

Sexavet Mammedov


1 Khananda – performer of mugham (mugham – general name for genre of traditional Azerbaijanian music)